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Standardized Test Results

The Archdiocese of Detroit is committed to increasing student achievement, monitoring student growth, and providing strong differentiated instruction to ALL students in the areas of early literacy, reading, and math. These efforts support the Diocese’s mission to “unlock students’ full potential.”

In an effort to ensure that all teachers have effective tools to meet the needs of all the learners in their classrooms, the Archdiocese implemented the use of Renaissance Star 360 assessments. St. Isaac Jogues participated in piloting this program in 2018, and was one of thirteen early adopters in 2019-2020. The program was implemented Archdiocesan-wide in 2020-2021.

Renaissance Star 360 are screening assessments available in early literacy, reading, and math. A screening assessment is a brief, diagnostic assessment that is given to students in grades K-8 to determine students’ current skill levels in order to identify gaps in learning. In addition, the use of this assessment data helps teachers, specialists, and administrators examine the effectiveness of classroom instruction to meet the needs of all learners. Typically, these assessments are given three times a year in September, February, and May to monitor student growth over time.

Who Gets Tested?
• K - 1 students complete the Early Literacy Renaissance 360 screener
• 1-8 students complete the Math and Reading Renaissance 360 screeners (grade 1 students may begin this type of screener once they have advanced beyond the Early Literacy screener)
Here are some key points about Renaissance Star 360 assessments:
1. Children cannot study for this type of assessment;
2. These assessments are given three times a year (September, January, and May);
3. The data from the assessments support the classroom teacher in differentiating instruction to meet children's specific learning needs;
4. The math and reading assessments assess the child’s competency in the required knowledge and skills for his/her grade level aligned to the Diocese’s curriculum standards;
5. The assessments are computer-adaptive, which means that the assessment adapts in difficulty to the child’s skill ability during the test.
6. On average, Renaissance Star 360 assessments take no more than 25 minutes to complete.
The use of Renaissance Star 360 assessments allows the child’s teacher to determine exactly what “he/she already knows” in order to prepare targeted instruction and intervention as needed.

For current year Star 360 results please contact the school office.