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Catholic Education

Founded on Faith


At St. Isaac Jogues, we are committed to the education of the whole person. As God created us body and soul, we work daily to nourish our students intellectually, spiritually and physically. As our students strive daily to grow as disciples of Christ, they come to know what is most important for human flourishing. Founded in our Catholic faith, we seek to foster happiness and holiness in our students so that they can go out and transform the world through their witness.

Unleashing the Gospel

Pope Francis has said, "Knowing Jesus is the best gift that any person can receive; that we have encountered Him is the best thing that has ever happened in our lives, and making him known by our words and deeds is our joy."


In 2017, Archbishop Allen Vigneron of the Archdiocese of Detroit published his pastoral letter, Unleash the Gospel. In this letter, he calls all Catholics to renew their efforts to live as a "band of joyful missionary disciples." At St. Isaac Jogues, we strive daily to live as disciples of Jesus, expecting to encounter Him throughout our day, to grow in knowledge and wisdom from Him, and to witness to others the Good News of knowing Jesus Christ.


In following the Archdiocese's latest religion standards, we are responding to Jesus' command to bring the Good News into the world by "providing opportunities for students to encounter Jesus and develop a personal relationship with Him, faithful and complete adherence to magisterial teaching, opportunities for prayer, reflection, and discussion, done in the context of supporting parents in their responsibility as the primary teachers of the faith to their children."


Disciple of Christ - Education in Virtue

The Disciple of Christ - Education in Virtue is designed to educate students in the virtues so that they can lead happy and fulfilled lives as disciples of Christ. The curriculum was developed in response to "the call for a New Evangelization, and educates students in the reality that happiness is found in a life of holiness."


As students learn about the virtues each day and develop personal goals for growth, they come to know the joy found in Christian living. Each student at St. Isaac's strives to live virtuously through classroom conversations as well as whole-school initiatives.