Moms In Touch

At this time St. Isaac Jogues School does not have a Moms in Touch Group. We are currently looking for a grace filled woman or women that would be willing to start a Moms in Touch Group.  If you feel the Holy Spirit calling you to this ministry please call the school office ( 586-771-3525 ext. 200) or email Mrs. Maniaci at

Moms In Touch was started almost 10 years ago by Laura Wroblewski for the mothers at SIJ.  There are MIT groups in every state of the US and in over 120 countries.  It is a prayer group of women that meet every Monday school is in session.  We meet at 8:15am for at least an hour in the visitor's locker room across from the gym.  Our goal is to pray for the children, their families, the staff and teachers, as well as the property and buildings at SIJ.  Through prayer, we offer our praise, thanksgiving and needs to God.  For those moms who can not attend, a weekly email is sent out with inspiration about one of God's attributes that we focused on and the virtue we prayed for our children to embrace.  The email also contains Scripture to nourish our souls throughout the week and strengthen our relationship with our Lord.  If you are not already on the list, you can complete the form below to be added. 

Because we are a community that cares and supports each other, prayer petitions are encouraged.  There are three methods to submit prayer petitions:

  1. A shoebox to hold written notes in the school office by the uniforms on display.
  2. By email to Celestine
  3. Complete the form below.

To learn more about our group, feel free to check out the web site to the right.

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