Giving Opportunities

St. Isaac Jogues School needs your support to provide the best education for our students while updating our technology, maintaining and improving our facilities, and providing a just wage for our dedicated faculty and staff. In addition to the many Advancement and Fundraising opportunities described here and in our Parents' Club area, here are some other ways you can help support our mission. 

All of the opportunities listed below require careful planning to ensure that you are making the most informed financial decisions for yourself and your family. Please consult your tax advisor, financial advisor, or attorney for more information.
  • Gifts of Stock, Bonds, or Mutual Funds – Securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have appreciated in value can be donated to the school. You can then take a charitable deduction for the market value of securities at the time of donation. You also pay no capital gains tax by donating an appreciated security rather than cashing it in and donating the cash. On the other hand, if you have securities that have lost value, it would be more beneficial for you to sell the security and donate the cash proceeds to the school. That way, you can claim a charitable donation and a capital loss on your tax return to reduce your taxable income. 
  • Life insurance – If you own an insurance policy with cash value that you no longer need, consider donating it to the parish. Also, you can name St. Isaac Jogues School as a full or partial beneficiary on your current policy. 
  • IRA Charitable Rollover – If you are at least 70 ½ years old, you may be able to make a distribution from your IRA directly to the school. Normally, any distribution from your IRA is taxed as ordinary income. However, these charitable distributions are excluded from taxable income. This opportunity is only available for the remainder of 2009 unless Congress chooses to extend the law in question. 
  • Business Gifts – If you are a business owner, your business can also make donations to Saint Isaac Jogues. Your donation can benefit the school while providing a favorable tax impact for your company.
  • Matching Gifts – If you make a gift of any kind at any time of the year, check to see if your company offers a Matching Gift Program.
  • Planned Giving – Do you have a plan for your estate? While planning your Will or Trust is a complicated and multi-faceted exercise, please consider gifts to charity, particularly to St. Isaac Jogues Parish or School. Gifts can be made to the parish or school by specifying a dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a particular asset such as real estate or other valuables. I’ve worked with many parishes (including our own) that have been greatly blessed by the thoughtful estate planning of their parishioners.
 No matter how you choose to give, please prayerfully consider your financial contribution to St. Isaac Jogues School. It is not the size of your gift that matters, but the sacrifice entailed in your individual decision to give back to God. 

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