Parents' Club Fundraiser Results

Zumba Fundraiser in April 2012 raised enough funds to provide classroom recess toys to all classes in preschool through 5th grade.  Individual bins were purchased and filled with age appropriate toys from four square balls to jumpropes.  The kids and teachers love their new toys!

Oktoberfest - Game Tent - October 5 and 6, 2012:  
Over the two-day event, the game tent profited approximately $1,100.  Thank you to Andrea Barr for all of her efforts and to all of the volunteers that helped make this a success!

Mom 2 Mom Sale - October 20, 2012:  
This Mom 2 Mom sale was a sold out event with 120 tables!  We profited $3,400 in this sale and have 37 tables already pre-sold for the next sale which takes place on February 2, 2013!  Thank you to Laura Torchia and Claire Kidder for their hard work in making this Mom2Mom sale a huge success.  Thank you to Leslie Cameron for all of her hard work in the Big Ticket area.  Also, a huge Thank you to all of our volunteers that dedicate your time and energy!  You are much appreciated!

Morley Candy Sale - October 1, 2012:
Another successful sale for the school.  Our profit was about $4,000!  A huge thank you to Kristen Rihacek for organizing this sale and making it a huge success for the school!

12-hour Crop - November 17, 2012:
This crop was a sold out event for the first time!  We had 78 croppers join us for this wonderful event.  Our profit for this crop was $2,400.  We are blessed with very generous supporters who come to this event to support our school!  Thank you so much to Alex and Chris Franz for the wonderful food they provide our attendees throughout the day and night and to all the volunteers that help Julie Sliwinski with set-up and throughout the day of the event!  Our next crop is scheduled for April 6, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.!  Please join us for a wonderful day. 

January 2013:
Our January PC meeting was focused on hearing Mrs. Lund present wish lists items the school is in need of to enhance the learning experience and be in line with the accreditation requirements.  The main focus at this meeting was technology.  As a group, we voted unananimously to put money raised from fundraisers from the beginning of the year to this point toward the purchase of 4 promethean boards.  I am very happy to report that the promethean boards have been purchased, installed and being utilized and incorporated in the learning environment of the children.  Our goal is to continue on the path of technology with more promethean boards being purchased in the very near future.  We hope to be able to equip each classroom with a promethean board over the next several months!  Your continued support is much appreciated!

M2M - February 9, 2013:
Another successful M2M sale on this very snowy day.  Our profit for this crop was approximately $3,100.  Thank you Laura Torchia for another great sale!

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