Technology in the Classroom

Welcome to the "Technology in the Classroom" web site at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School. Our Preschool through Eighth grade classrooms are  equipped with hardware and software that enhances 21st Century teaching and learning. Each classroom teacher has a laptop, Promethean Interactive White Board, iPad,  and an Elmo document camera from an Archdiocesan grant, Ponte Grant, and Parent Club fundraising support  that brings academic content to life for the students and teachers.
St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School utilizes many online academic subscriptions, both fee based and free based to allow all types of learners the ability to learn in an environment that works for them.
We currently have several staff members with Technology Proficient certificates in 21st Century teaching.
Our student information data base is driven by PowerSchool, an online real-time grading software. The software also features 24-7 access to student grades and  email capability to all parents, students and staff so everyone is kept informed.

The 21st Century learner is well on their way to a technology rich experience with St. Isaac Jogues newest technology.