St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School

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Academics Overview

St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School is an elementary school, teaching grades Pre-School through 8th, and has been serving the St. Clair Shores community since 1956.  Chief among our core values is a commitment to excellence in faith, academics, virtuous living, and community. 


St Isaac's has an outstanding record of educating the whole child. Aside from strong academic programs our students have regular opportunities to encounter Christ and to serve one another and the wider community.  Our students routinely score above the national average on standardized tests in all subject areas. Students are also encouraged to organize and execute service projects ranging from church service to serving the homeless to fundraising for children in third-world-countries.


A large proportion of our students go on to attend Catholic high schools and then advance to college and post-graduate education. Many of our alumni hold highly respected careers in the arts, humanities, science, business, teaching, and public service.  At St. Isaac Jogues, where Christ is our teacher, all our students cultivate a deep love for learning. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaeus, we daily experience our hearts burning as we encounter Truth in every classroom.

Letter from an SIJ Parent:

Dear Sr. Catherine Marie;


My then future wife and I attended St. Rene Goupil many years before we were married and our faith was a present and steady part of both of our lives. We took marriage preparation classes where we pledged we would raise our children Catholic. Sending our children to a Catholic school was something my wife and I decided before we even thought of having children. It was important for us that our children learn about our faith, both in words and actions in order that they become good, faith-filled adults. We also felt that sending our children to a Catholic school would be in partnership with the values we would teach our children at home.

 It seems that our modern public educational system achieves it's standards by capitalizing on large classroom sizes and depersonalized educational experiences. Having been an associate professor of graduate education at the University of Detroit- Mercy, I am acutely aware of the significance that foundation in education can produce in our children.  Besides their faith, that educational foundation may very well be the determining factor in our children’s future successes. Our requirements for the school our daughters would attend are: teaching of our faith, quality of the faculty, academic excellence, and extra-curricular programs. This was not an easy choice and we prayed for guidance.

 We came to our decision through months of research and with the assistance of each of our daughters God-parents, input from our friends and neighbors and visiting many of the private schools in the area.  When we visited St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School, we saw the kinds of characteristics we wanted to see in the teachers which our children would emulate and the feeling of pride and ownership that the children had in their school and their education. It is a smaller, close-knit community where our daughters would get individual attention.  We saw a strong sense of unity at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School and the self-binding community of parents, teachers, children, and religious fostered a love of all people that we had not found in most other learning institutions we had visited. We all concluded that St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School stood out at the top of every category.

 It’s been only a very short time and we have already noticed positive changes in our daughters. St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School has changed our lives and we are so grateful to have the teachers and administrators to help us mold our daughters into the people we want them to be. The moment you meet the teachers and administrators, you recognize them as different. They possess a special energy; a love of children, of learning, of God. They are good Catholics. They are role models who live their faith and help to set an example for our children, who, though our responsibility to raise, spend more than one-half their waking hours at school. The teachers at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School actually care about, respect and inspire the children. These are the characteristics that matter and that will rub off on them. I find no better way to build our children's self-esteem!

 The faculty at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School are very dedicated and genuinely care about the students. In fact, we are constantly impressed with the enthusiasm of the administration, faculty and staff. Our children continue to be challenged academically on a daily basis. Each teacher sends home a regular bulletin to communicate with the parents on current and upcoming classwork and they are extremely responsive when we have any questions or concerns. The level of detail and quality of the work our children bring home and are doing in the classroom makes us feel that they are at the best place they could be. Our daughters are also being challenged to become the best people they can be. St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School allows our daughters to use and develop their gifts not only through academics, but also in sports, arts, social programs, music and competitions. As an added bonus for us in this day and age of security consciousness, St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School has implemented many features and safety measures that assure our children are kept out of any potential harm’s way.

 We wholeheartedly endorse and support this educational and instructional effort. We would hope that more parents could appreciate the value of supporting this type of quality education.  At St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School, everyone you meet makes you feel confident that they have your child’s best interest at heart. The school is instilling in the children the values of faith, discipline, hard work, and a love for knowledge. These qualities are priceless as they grow up to become valuable contributors to our society. We believe St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School provides our children the best education we can obtain and we feel so blessed to have found this treasure for our daughters.

- from an SIJ parent (used with permission)